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Working with the AMPED staff has been a true pleasure. They are quite innovative in their approach to communication. For example, they were among the first Higher Logic clients to use the social media platform as a hybrid, public-member website. Their creative staff is always game to use technology to serve their members and attract new members.
Andy Steggles
President & Chief Social Strategist
Higher Logic, LLC
The AMPED staff undertakes projects and confronts challenges with a winning combination of efficiency, alacrity, equanimity, and ingenuity. At our meetings, AMPED staff have a constant presence, meeting all of the attendees, making sure everything runs perfectly smoothly, and encouraging interactions between trainees, thought leaders and mentors. AMPED is elemental in making their experience positive and rewarding.
Benjamin M. Segal, MD
Board of Directors
Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis
I wanted to say thanks for a great convention. Some of us paid a big price to switch from our former management company to AMPED, but looking back, I have to say it was a great investment. Things run so much more smoothly now and theexecutive team is out of the weeds. Your professionalism, dedication and hard work is exemplary. It was also a lot of fun and I enjoyed working with you.
Bill Hornsby
Vice President of Marketing
NIBA-The Belting Association
I wanted to pass on my sincerest gratitude for the efforts put into making our Board orientation and meeting such a success. I know so much goes on behind the scenes. You were amazing and the Board is very pleased with the services, the ideas, the input, the energy and commitment they are seeing from our staff. Our gratitude to Emily, as well, for all the great transition work. We know what was received may not be complete or in the best condition so we really appreciate the effort you are all making to sort it out. Also the work that Brittany is doing for our revenue generation with sponsorships was commented on with a high level of recognition and greatly appreciated. We love the sponsorship prospectus. The creative work on the piece is so impressive. Beautiful!
Carol Hunter
Leadership California
Jen Brydges, CAE is such a courageous leader! She is someone who leads from the heart. Leadership California is so lucky to have her as our ED.
Dr. Janice Doucet Thompson
Former Board Member
Leadership California
I just want to say (once again) how nice the e-newsletter looks, and how truly informative and useful it is! You validate our decision to change management every time I see something like this.
Greg Hartley, PT, DPT
Former President
APTA Academy of Geriatrics
In 2009, when our Junior Volleyball Association (JVA) was still in its infancy, I reached out to Lynda and her team to conduct a Strategic Planning Session for us. I was immediately impressed by AMPED's professionalism and experience in all facets of association management. Since then, I have enlisted their help doing the same thing for other groups that I am involved with and they never let us down. I don't doubt that you will be very well served by Lynda's team, their culture of customer service and vast experience in association management.
Jennifer Hahn
Executive Director
Junior Volleyball Association
I just wanted to say thank you to our incredible staff team. Your presence here, efforts to make everything just right, and genuine concern and caring were certainly noticed. It's been such a difference with AMPED on our side and, personally, I am so glad to have each of you on our team. Thank you for all you have done to make this year’s event incredibly special.
Jeremy Bittel, PT, DPT
Vice President
APTA Academy of Leadership and Innovation
AMPED offices and staff are just as impressive as their proposal and interview. They are organized, professional, articulate and friendly. They know their business and have extensive experience in working with associations of all different types. As many of us have said – ‘They get it.’ We made a good choice and they are very pleased to have been chosen. Bottom line - AMPED is an excellent organization with sound management and good people. They will do a great job for the NAFA.
Jim Rosenthal
Past President
National Air Filtration Association
Lynda, I wanted to reach back to you regarding the convention and the work done by the AMPED staff. You would have been proud of the way the team took care of business in a very professional and fun way. Everyone was great. Michael did a fantastic job. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate his leadership, ownership, and attention to detail. He is engaged, willing to help and just does a great job with everyone in attendance.
John Grasmeyer
Past President
NIBA- The Belting Association
I wish to thank you and say how immensely appreciative I/we are of our management leader staff (yes, each and every one is a leader!). You are such a huge asset! You bring ideas that we never thought of and surprised us in so many creative ways on how to help us to celebrate our academy! At the conference, I saw you grab a bench to sit or stand in a corner of a room to plan, assess and move forward, all with the aim of giving our members the best experience! The AMPED management team is proactive and accountable and continues to reinforce my belief that they are not only the management company for now, but also positioned well to support where we are going! One reason is that Lynda Patterson, President and Owner of AMPED, serves as Chair of the ASAE Board, their professional association. For me, this is an example of shared values, because like our members, AMPED sees value in being part of one’s professional association.
Matthew Mesibov, PT, GCS
APTA Academy of Leadership and Innovation
Great job putting together our virtual business meeting! When you pull programs like this off, it confirms that we made the right decision four years ago to transition to AMPED. You and your staff came through when it was needed the most. I would hate to think where NIBA would be without your expertise and professional approach to situations like we are experiencing today. Congratulations! Your efforts do not go unnoticed.
Vernon Smith
Past President
NIBA - The Belting Association
Your support on the back-end of our first virtual conference turned our dream into a reality. Thank you for your guidance and willingness to communicate, communicate, communicate to ensure everyone had exactly what they needed. Our growth together made this signature event a success.
DEI Event 2021
Women in Government Relations

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