A Home Base for Your Association

Your association’s headquarters will be nimble and responsive – offering professional resources and administrative solutions to further your organization’s goals.

Reliable Leadership Attuned to Your Needs

A generational retirement wave is sweeping the workforce. Before you look for your next full-time executive director, we’ll help you step back and take stock of your organization.

  • We make the transition seamless; all of your primary office needs are handled by professional, customer service oriented staff.
  • Our approach includes an organizational inventory of your processes, procedures, documents, and technology. 
  • We use industry benchmarking data to compare your organization to others of a similar size, reviewing spending in key areas like salaries. 
  • We do a comprehensive assessment of your current and future strategic direction. We improve or build upon your association’s existing strengths until you find the right permanent hire.
Transitioning an association to a new management team is a leap of faith, but it's made easier by an organization like AMPED, because every question, every concern is answered in the process. AEMP has been lucky to have a high level of transparency and trust with AMPED from early on. The preparation was there; the groundwork was laid. And it made for a very smooth transition.
- Stan Orr, CAE, FASAE Retiring President and CEO | Association of Equipment Management Professionals

Does This Sound Like Your Association?

AMPED manages associations from all sectors with these key attributes:
  • Professional and trade associations, as well as foundations (Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3), 501(c)4, 501(c)(6) status)
  • Regional, national, or international reach
  • Operating budgets between $500,000 and $13 million
  • Members eager to take advantage of new technology
  • Leaders who want to lead, rather than manage, and see opportunities for growth
  • Mutual respect, trust, and partnership between volunteers and staff
  • Inclusive culture
Let's Talk about a Partnership
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