Peterson Builds Skills with QAS Certification

December 22, 2022
Diana Peterson

AMPED Association Management is pleased to announce that Diana Peterson has completed and passed the exam for the Florida Society of Association Executives Qualified Association Specialists (QAS) Program.

Peterson is the Operations Manager for both the Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS) and Leadership California. She is also the Membership Manager for the Society for Research on Adolescence, providing a wide array of operational, administrative, financial and technical support to members, non-members, board, donors, volunteers, staff, and various vendors.

“My many roles within operations, administration and client support depend on a 360 view,” says Peterson. “The 12 modules of the QAS provided valuable insight into some areas I haven’t touched as much over my past 6 years at AMPED, while enhancing knowledge I’ve already gained on the job. Whether on the CAE track or not, the QAS Certification Program is a good source for a comprehensive, high-level view for anyone making or considering a career in association management.”

QAS is a comprehensive overview of association management – from the legal and financial “business model” of associations’ unique governance/volunteer structure, to understanding the key principles of membership, communications, events, non-dues revenue programs, public policy and more. The program strengthens knowledge and skills in association management and helps professionals master the fundamentals needed for career advancement.